No nuking/(d)dos attacks, cloning, spamming, port scanning, or advertising.

Moderated swearing is allowed (also see rule below).

Inappropriate, or abusive behavior (this includes, but is not limited to: racism or homophobic comments) is not allowed.

Inappropiate nicknames are not permitted anywhere on the network.

Use of said nicks will result in, at a minimum, forced disconnection.

No flooding channels or users.

Do not harass other users or Opers.

Please respect all Staff Members and promptly follow any requests they may ask of you. They are here to help make your chatting experience a pleasant one. Any abuse towards them will result in an instant ban from the Sin-Clan Network.

Do not ask for O-lines, we will invite you.

Absolutely NO bots, botnets, seek-bots, drones or anything of the nature. We reserve the right to ban if not approved by net admin.

Connecting to the Sin-Clan IRC Network for the purpose of collecting IP - addresses (for any reason) is strictly forbidden.

Webcam requests are unacceptable.

No promotional drug talk.

All Chatters MUST be in a channel. If an Operator or Adminsitrator finds you in such a scenario, and you do not answer them you will be treated as a bot and you will be disconnected immediately. IRC is an unmoderated medium. We have no, nor accept, any liability whatsoever on what you may see or hear on this network. In addition, by connecting to the Sin-Clan IRC Network you agree to hold harmless Sin-Clan IRC Networks, Webmasters, and/or it's staff from any legal procedures.